Blog Post Topics

So you want to submit a study abroad blog post? Great! Here are some ideas for posts to get you started. Choose ONE of these topics per blog post; try to keep each entry focused and limited to 500 words. Once you know which topic you want to write about, submit your blog post here. If you’ve got tons of ideas, submit as many blog posts as you want! We encourage you to stick to one specific experience instead of writing a general blog post and trying to fit your myriad study abroad adventures into 500 words — recounting a specific moment or aspect of your time abroad is much more impactful than broad statements.

You can write about…

  • Why you chose your study abroad destination. Was it the country? The culture? The academics at the host university? Or something else altogether? Why did you choose ISEP?
  • Academics and classes. What’s different from home? What’s the same? What are your favorite subjects? What’s it like studying topics from a different world view?
  • Your favorite thing about your home or host university. Is it the campus? The classes? Student life? A specific club or activity?
  • Your favorite trip or excursion. Did a particular location blow your mind away? Is there a secret spot only locals know about? A landmark of personal, cultural, or historical significance to you? A memorable road trip?
  • A challenge you faced when you studied abroad (for example: navigating a completely new city, buying groceries when you can’t read the language, being on your own for the first time, or being homesick). How did you overcome the challenge? What advice would you give to others facing similar challenges?
  • Your favorite or most interesting cultural experience while studying abroad. Did you eat some unexpected foods? Participate in festivals? Go to a sports game? Attend a concert by a local artist? Celebrate new holidays?
  • The locals. How are students at your host university different from or the same as your peers at home? How did you make local friends? How do you share your home culture with your local friends?
  • Language barriers. What are your favorite words in your study abroad host language? How do you work at improving your language skills? If you are studying in a country that speaks your native language, what are your favorite different words (for example, “bathroom” in American English and “loo” in British English).
  • Your living situation. Do you live in a dorm with roommates from your host country? Do you live with a family? What are the meals like? How is everything different from or the same as your home?
  • How studying abroad impacted upon your future. Did it change your academic, career, or personal goals? If so, how?
  • What surprised you most about study abroad. What do you wish you had known before going? What advice would you give to others?
  • Anything you want! Do you have a great idea for a post that you’re just dying to share with the rest of the world? Tell us! We want to read it.

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