Photo Contest Superlatives: Spring 2015

Twice a year, ISEP invites students and alumni to submit their best photos from their study abroad experiences to our photo contest. We received a huge number of amazing photos and really struggled to narrow it down to our favorites. Because we loved so many of the photos, we wanted to highlight additional pictures beyond our winners that are special in their own ways!

1. Most likely to cover an issue of Nat Geo: Photo by Kirra Paulus, Montana State University (USA) to Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (Chile)

“Around 20% of the land within Chile is protected, through both private and public parks. There are rugged and seemingly untouched landscapes from the unearthly Atacama Desert in the north, through the location of this photo in the Lake District midway, down to the icy, southernmost reaches of Patagonia. The people of Chile have a respect for the environment that transcends any potential economical gain. They truly appreciate and work to conserve their local landscapes, an aspect of their culture I hope to continue to carry with me.” – Kirra Paulus

2. Most likely to make you say “Opa!”: Photo by Brynn MacDougall, Roanoke College (USA) to Vesalius College (Belgium)

“This is a photo of the town of Oia on the island of Santorini in Greece. Oia is the home to most of the white, blue-roofed buildings that Santorini is known for, and is also the most popular spot on the island to watch the sunset. Probably because, as you can see here, the way the light from the sunset hits the town is absolutely stunning.” – Brynn MacDougall

3. Most likely to make you want to go sing in the rain: Photo by Renee Anna Cornue, St. Edward’s University (USA) to University of Ulster (United Kingdom)

“Northern Ireland sunsets give Texas sunsets a lot of competition. This was taken right after a brief rainfall from the window of my living room in the student accommodations.” – Renee Anna Cornue

4. Most likely to simultaneously make you laugh and make your stomach growl: Photo by Jesse Kim, University of the Pacific (USA) to Yonsei University (Korea)

“This photo was taken at one of the most renowned museums in the world, the Trick Eye Museum. This museum is located in Hongdae, one of the most radical parts of South Korea’s capital city of Seoul, where you can find an abundance of street dancers, liberal college students and cheap food stands open late into the night. In the photo, I am posing with a giant piece of sashimi that is being offered to me by a skilled sushi chef. Of course, the photo is an optical illusion and only seems realistic due to the angle and distance at which it is taken. This is my favorite photo I took while studying abroad.” – Jesse Kim

5. Most likely to inspire you to take a road trip across America: Photo by Gintare Karpaviciute, University of Bradford (United Kingdom) to Montana State University (USA)

“Studying abroad allows students to discover different places and explore more. This picture is taken at Salt Lake, Utah.” – Gintare Karpaviciute

6. Most likely to make you want to have an elephant as your BFF: Photo by Bethany Smart, University of Chester (United Kingdom) to BINUS University (Indonesia)

“A cheeky elephant decided to spray me whilst we were helping at the conservation charity, one of the funniest moments of my exchange and definitely my favorite photo from my time away. I will go back here whenever I get the chance to again; it was a fantastic experience!” – Bethany Smart

7. Most likely to make you instantly book a flight to Europe, regardless of the funds in your bank account: Photo by Rachel Rafferty, New Mexico State University (USA) to Universitat Salzburg (Austria)

“A beautiful sunrise around 8 in the morning over the valley and mountains of Salzburg. The beginning of a quick flight to Amsterdam. I love the way the clouds and morning fog laying sleepily between the ridges while the sun illuminates and simultaneously casts shadows through a brilliant blue sky.” – Rachel Rafferty

8. Most likely to appear on a motivational poster: Photo by Sebastiano Totta, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy) to Westminister College (USA)

“I took this picture in San Francisco, California, during a weekend trip I made with some friends I met in Salt Lake City. When I left from Italy to Salt Lake I really didn’t know what I could expect, but what I found in USA is something incredible and unforgettable. It is like the situation in the picture; on one side of the bridge there is sun on the other just fog.” – Sabastiano Totta

9. Most likely to turn you towards “football” over “futbol”: Photo by Victor Tonucci, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy) to Butler University (USA)

“Me and my great Australian friend watching our first American football game, supporting the Indianapolis Colts. Football is such a great passion in the USA, and we felt like real Americans that day at such a big sporting event. Amazing how important sports are in this country, and love how they train really hard and give importance to that business.” – Victor Tonucci

10. Most likely to make you keep your New Year’s resolution, even if it’s just for the views: Photo by Maria Archibald, University of North Carolina at Asheville (USA) to Massey University (USA)

“After arriving in Wanaka with nothing planned and no idea what to expect, we chose a trail at random and hiked to the top. Rocky Mountain Point is still my favorite place in New Zealand. Surrounded by snowcapped peaks on our own private bald, we practiced mountain top yoga as the sun went down. Here’s to spontaneity.” – Maria Archibald

And now for the winners of the Winter 2015 Photo Contest. A big “congratulations” goes out to Fan Favorite Chelsea Simon, Fan Favorite Runner-up Simona Gabriele, ISEP Staff Pick Mitchell Connell, and Most Creative Eero Ojanen.

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View all of the Winter 2015 photo contest finalists here.


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