3 Ways to Give Back on #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday is a growing global movement that unites people and countries by celebrating our capacity to care for and empower one another. On December 1, the ISEP community will demonstrate how we make the world a better place when we come together for good. We’ve developed the following toolkit to help you prepare to give back with your time, voice and money.

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Study Abroad: 5 Things To Consider

Studying abroad is a big decision. There are so many things to consider – academics, finances, location, housing and more. With a growing list, and hundreds of schools to choose from, this can be overwhelming. One way to help narrow down your study abroad selection is to first figure out what you like and don’t like. Figuring out your preferences will help you weed out countries or universities that might not match your needs. Ready? Get out a pen, read the blog and jot down your five study abroad must-haves.

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Study Abroad on Instagram

Last April, we launched the #ISEPPhotoProject, an initiative to capture diverse study abroad experiences from students from around the world. We had an incredible turnout and are excited to do it again for a second time this year. Join us starting October 19, by sharing your unique stories for the four weeks leading up to International Education Week.

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6 Tips For Dealing With Reverse Culture Shock

Upon returning to your home country, you may feel slightly disoriented or out of place; it may be similar to what you felt when you arrived in your host country. This is called return shock or reverse culture shock. These feelings are temporary and completely normal. But being aware of this phenomenon can help you deal with it proactively. The following are a few strategies to help you cope, along with some additional information on common challenges upon re-entry to your home country.

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ISEP Ambassadors of the Year

Each year, many of our ISEP alumni volunteer their time to help enrich and maximize the study abroad experiences of both incoming and outgoing students on their home campuses by becoming ISEP Ambassadors. Through various outlets such as study abroad fairs, social media, and campus events, ISEP Ambassadors play an active role in promoting international education. By devoting time and energy to this mission, ISEP Ambassadors also foster their own personal and professional development. ISEP is pleased to award two Ambassadors of the Year and two runner-ups, all of whom showed great communication, leadership, creativity and organizational skills during their time as Ambassadors.

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5 Tips To Help Deal With Parents When Studying Abroad

Parental involvement in a student’s study abroad experience requires a delicate balance. While support from family and friends is important and necessary, too much interference can hinder the learning experience. When you study abroad, we want you to gain independence, develop resourcefulness, and increase confidence in your abilities. Here are some tips of how to achieve this…

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